Bruise Bath: What Future?

Bruise Bath's latest EP, Unyielding Optimism, emerges from a profound well of dejection, delivering a slowcore sound steeped in melancholy which resonates deeply with the heavyhearted. The EP highlights gentle harmonies, abundant melodicism, a veneration for feedback, and an overwhelming sense of weightiness which demands attention.

What Future? blends melancholic rock with echoes of early post rock, evoking the spirit of bands like Slint and Low. The latter's influence is paid tribute with a poignant cover of their song Violence from the 1995 album Long Division which is also part of Unyielding Optimism.

Hailing from Philadelphia, Bruise Bath eloquently captures the desolation of their environment with poetic lyricism and artful musicianship. Longing and tension twist and twine together in a graceful dance of emotions, offering a poignant journey through the introspective landscape in which the band indulges.

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