Blood Family Reunion: bluebird

bluebird is the debut single and opening track from Lucky Mutation, the debut album by Blood Family Reunion, an emerging shoegaze/dreampop band hailing from Washington, DC. The song is characteristic of the melodic approach which permeates the entire full length, and kicks the album off in a very engaging way.

The track exudes a nostalgic ambiance from beginning to end, featuring a tenderly melodic vocal seamlessly mingled with intricate instrumentation, all wrapped up in expertly crafted production. Over the course of its five-minute duration, the song gives shape to a beautiful journey, gradually intensifying its melodious elements to culminate in a blend of moodiness and subtle vigor.

Blood Family Reunion comprises Joe King on guitars, Stephen Lilly on bass, Donovan Lessard on drums, and Pam Carder on vocals.

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