Oeil: Born Again

Following an extensive absence, Tokyo-based shoegaze outfit Oeil make a comeback with their latest offering, A Dream Within a Dream. The new album is a compilation of both early tracks and their most recent single. Notably, it features previously released singles like Perfect and Myrtle, which came out in 2021, along with the well received Strawberry Cream, known for exemplifying Asian shoegaze in the 2000s.

Exuding a melancholic ambiance and filled with the signature fuzz and reverb characteristic of the genre's staples, Oeil's sound pays homage to the classic elements of shoegaze. Alongside the album release, the band has introduced a visualizer for their latest track, Born Again.

The band comments on the new release: "We took a long time to retrieve data from corrupted HDD. If people are looking forward to the next news, they might be able to listen to some old songs as well. There was an era of Social Network Service while we were not releasing it. It didn't bring us much benefit in Japan, but I'm surprised that the information reached people all over the world. We present this work as a token of our gratitude to those who have waited for us."

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