Cruxis: Fāl-gūsh

Blending elements from different genres like sludge, crust, punk, deathrock, darkwave and industrial among others, extreme metal duo, Cruxis, emerges with a debut release which feels both dark and brutal, showcasing a rather foreboding sound. Consisting of Chris Williams (Primitive Knot) and Amanda Votta (The Floating World), the band's new self-titled five-song debut album opens with Fāl-gūsh, a track steeped in ancient Persian divination, with a deeply ominous tone.

Cruxis explain the inspiration behind the song: "The words for this song were written based on overheard, misheard and misunderstood conversations listened in on during an evening walk. The song title is an ancient form of divination from Persia, mostly performed by young girls on a special day of the year. You would speak your question, and then secret yourself behind a garden wall, a fence a dim corner outside, and listen in on the conversations of those gathered or walking outside. The words you heard - or thought you heard - would provide an answer to your question."

With haunting vocals and a gritty sound which offers a fresh perspective on doom metal, Cruxis derive from a place of weightiness and profound sentimentality. Their music creates an eerie atmosphere, often reminiscent of ritualistic undertones, yet it resonates with a raw authenticity which feels deeply ingrained, perhaps even from the subconscious, delivering a powerful and all around genuine impact.

Photos courtesy of Cruxis


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