COFFINS: Spontaneous Rot

Before their 25th anniversary in Tokyo, Coffins recorded their impending album, Sinister Oath, which finds the band reclaiming their ferocity as one of the strongest voices in current death metal. Spontaneous Rot, the first reveal off the album, embodies classic death metal's force, and sounds absolutely massive.

The upcoming release presents Coffins' unyielding devotion to their brutal, rigid sound. The thunderous outset of Spontaneous Rot makes quite an impression, and the band's trademark blend emerges, being a fusion of bleakness, grittiness, repulsion, and sheer heaviness. 

With imposing artwork illustrated by Axel Hermann (Asphyx, Bloodbath, Demolition Hammer, Sodom), Sinister Oath is set to arrive on March 29th, 2024, through Relapse Records.

Band photo by Natsumi Okano

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