A Place To Bury Strangers: Change Your God

Staying true to their signature blend of noise, fuzz, and raw energy, A Place To Bury Strangers make a comeback with the unveiling of The Sevens, a series of four seven-inch records. Setting the tone for this run is Change Your God, the first single which kicks thing off in a powerful manner, harkening back to the band's earlier work in both sound and songwriting style.

At the same time, the song sounds like something which could easily slot into the tracklist of the group's great latest full length, See Through You, as it comes from the album's sessions.

Frontman Oliver Ackerman explains: "When looking back at the recordings that were done around the time of See Through You, there were a bunch of great tracks that just captured life back then and really had something incredible going on. Even though they are a bit raw and a bit personal, I thought it would be a mistake if they didn't come out. I thought it would be best to go back to my roots and put out a series of 7-inches the way A Place To Bury Strangers started. That strange weird format where the tracks each speak for themselves; no album context to muddy the water. These tracks are such a contrast to the way I am feeling now and the current songs we've been working on so slip back into this moment in time."

Change Your God is out on Dedstrange.

Photo by Devon Bristol Shaw

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