Xmal Deutschland: Allein

Allein, a relatively unknown track from the early catalog of post punk greats Xmal Deutschland, has been revived as part of the upcoming compilation Early Singles: 1981-1982 out on Sacred Bones Records on March 8th, 2024. This rendition is an authentic live recording from the Nosferatu Festival in 1982 and is complemented by an impressive new video.

The impending Early Singles (1981-1982) serves as a snapshot of Xmal Deutschland's foundational points, presenting the essence of the great band just moments before their ascent to becoming one of the most influential acts in the genre.

The additional tracks on the compilation, Kaelbermarsch and the raw live version of Allein, highlight the band's solid energy, unconventionality, and imposing live presence.

We as girls, especially being creative in many ways, ignored facts like: be nice, be polite, take good care about your looks. Of course, we wanted to look good but in a different and unconventional way. We were enough for ourselves.

The media often associated Xmal Deutschland as a girl band, later with the addition of Wolfgang Ellerbrock, humorously deemed the token man. Vocalist, Anja Huwe, responds to this misogynistic narrative, stating: "We were like paradise birds." Fiona Sangster, the band's keyboardist, adds: "To be an ‘all-girl band’ happened accidentally. To us, it was not the main reason to form a band."

At the same time, Codes, a solo album by Anja Huwe, is also in the works.

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