The Body & Dis Fig: Dissent, Shame

Before the upcoming release of their first joint album, Orchards of a Futile Heaven, set to come out on February 23rd, 2024 on Thrill Jockey, The Body & Dis Fig present a compelling and poignant new single, Dissent, Shame. Through a blend of pure noise and harsh textures, the two create a minimalist drone dirge which elicits profound sentimentality, steadily growing into an engaging choral passage.

Dis Fig elaborates on the track: “It’s about the act of abandonment, and the guilt and shame that comes with it. Running away from something, seemingly towards your own safety, but as your conscience picks you apart the entire way.

Melding their unique sampling techniques and methods of producing intense sounds, The Body & Dis Fig artfully blur the boundaries between their respective approaches.

Dis Fig comments on the album: “I love the balance. You could never connect to just a machine as well as you could a human. Which is why the combination is so potent for me. I don’t want to hide. I think nothing connects you more empathetically than another human's voice.

I always wanted the heavier stuff but I also didn’t really like heavier guitar music,” says Lee Buford. “None of it really felt quite heavy enough to me. A human can’t be as heavy as a machine.” 

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