Pleasure Victim: Crossmaker

Pleasure Victim is an alternative synthpop band which fuses post punk, glam rock, and EBM elements into their sound, taking their name from the 1982 album by Berlin. Their latest single, Crossmaker, is a heavy synthpop number enriched by a haunting saxophone, which comes across all reminiscent of staples like Bowie, Gary Numan, and Roxy Music, instilled with a distinctive dark underground edge. 

Amidst its pervasive darkness, the track exudes an enticing allure with eighties synthpop and darkwave nuances, standing out for its moody instrumentals, enticing vocals, and impeccable production which accentuates both the song's seductive and spiritual undertones, creating a magnetic palette.

Crossmaker sounds like an acknowledgement of the past while Pleasure Victim carve their own unique path in the current dark underground scene.

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