Odonis Odonis: Brilliant Things (feat. Terror Bird)

Toronto's Odonis Odonis, has gained well deserved recognition for their gothic and darkwave sound, coupled a kind of severity which frequently characterizes industrial music. In their recent release, ICON, they have collaborated with great acts such as Actors, SUUNS, Patriarchy, and A Place To Bury Strangers. Notably, Brilliant Things from the album was written by Nikki Nevver of Terror Bird.

Terror Bird, known for her productive songwriting, specializes in a dark synth-based bedroom pop sound. The project draws inspiration from diverse influences, including glam rock, nineties indie and shoegaze, sixties girl groups, country-tinged folk songwriters, eighties synthpop and darkwave. The result is a brooding and amalgamating lo-fi pop style.

Brilliant Things is a wistful, sentimental dark pop cut which exists in two recent releases. One version takes a more electronic approach with Odonis Odonis, while the other is steeped in psychedelic pop moodiness and features Subterranean Lovers. The latter is complemented by a corresponding video with mind-bending visuals.

Odonis Odonis are responsible for an incredible body of work so far, while Terror Bird has been a silent force in underground music for many years, having shared the stage with TR/ST, Xiu Xiu, The Human League among others and collaborated with Maya Postepski of Austra, Sally Dige and more.

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