Majesty Crush: No. 1 Fan (EP Version)

Detroit's influential shoegaze and dreampop pioneers, Majesty Crush, a band which made its mark in the nineties, have revealed the upcoming release of Butterflies Don’t Go Away, a comprehensive double album spanning their entire career, set to come out on March 29th, 2024 through The Numero Group.

Majesty Crush quickly gained popularity in their local scene, securing airplay on alternative radio and securing opening slots for notable bands early in their journey. After independently releasing seven-inch records adorned with handcrafted artwork, the band's trajectory led them to sign with a major label subsidiary. 

Fueled by the desolation of nineties Detroit, Majesty Crush channeled the starkness of their surroundings into their music, constructing a distinct sound, and a strong presence in the underground shoegaze scene.

The Fan Ep version of No. 1 Fan is, if not THE, then certainly a major turning point in the Majesty Crush story. What was essentially a polished demo on a self-released 5-song EP became an area radio hit on the local alt-rock station,” bassist Hobey Echlin explains. “By the time the band recorded it in late ‘91 with producer Mike E. Clark in the demo room of The Tempermill Studio, ‘No. 1 Fan’ sounded like a band whose ambitions were outgrowing their indie roots. Nails’ drums were insistent, the bassline shifted from notes to chords to finally octaves, with Mike’s sighing and soaring guitar lines – all underscoring David’s escalating trademark vocals that had at that point advanced into a complete lyrical character, manic, personal and anthemic.

The band quietly disbanded in 1995. Frontman and vocalist David Stroughter, diagnosed with bipolar schizophrenia at the age of 27, navigated life by flipping cars for a living. However, this erratic lifestyle posed challenges in accessing consistent medication and professional support. Tragically, on January 18th, 2017, Stroughter lost his life in a police shooting at the age of 50.

Majesty Crush's No.1 Fan EP is set to be released digitally for the first time on February 20th, 2024. It will serve as a precursor to the full compilation, providing an opportunity to delve into the band's musical legacy ahead of the full release.

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