Lustmord: Behold A Voice As Thunder

Dark ambient pioneer, Lustmord, prepares for the release of Much Unseen Is Also Here, the artist’s latest, solo album, scheduled for release on March 15th, 2024 via Berlin label Pelagic Records.

Designed for an uninterrupted experience in its complete form, Much Unseen Is Also Here invites listeners into a distinctive parallel realm embedded within its dark and moody tapestry. Serving as the opening number, and a preview of the upcoming album, Behold A Voice As Thunder, unfolds with an eerie and foreboding drone.

I chose to let the sound talk for me,” says Brian Williams, the visionary behind the Lustmord moniker. “My music is not meant to be explained - only listened to as a means of exposing the sheer insignificance of our primitive thoughts and actions within the vast scale of the cosmos - a scale which we as a species are ill equipped to comprehend.

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