Keening: Disorder

Disorder is the latest release from Keening, the Norwich-based post punk / darkwave band, featured in their upcoming second album, James Francis Diaries, scheduled for release on January 20th, 2024. The song embodies the dynamic post punk and coldwave elements which define Keening's sound and style.

The song and the entire album draw inspiration from the life of James Francis, lead singer of the cult band Strange Ones. He mysteriously vanished in 1993 while recording his debut album on the island of Losse in Scotland.

In 2022, the parents of James Francis entrusted Keening with his tapes and diaries. Having discovered and developed a deep appreciation for the records of Strange Ones, Keening learned about James' enigmatic disappearance. Those recordings were distorted, overlaid with found sounds from the island, and even with digital restoration, the music was challenging to discern. Keening went with the option not to replicate the original demos, instead they composed their own music, inspired by James' diary, the mysteries surrounding his disappearance, his lyrics, and the island of Losse. 

James' edited diary is included with the family's approval, offering an additional intriguing dimension to the whole project.

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