Velatine: Nothing To Do With You

Velatine charts a bold course with a rather grabbing shift in direction, ushering in a new era marked by a different vocalist and an increased electronic resonance. Moving on from their earlier 2023 album, I Won't Be Civilised, where Maggie Alley had the lead on vocals, Velatine, steered by Loki Lockwood, has embraced a dynamic, evolving concept of singular collaborations. 

The latest offering, Nothing To Do With You, features the hauntingly evocative vocals of Australian/Finnish composer Inga Liljeström whose contribution, together with the infusion of moody atmospherics aligns seamlessly with Velatine's gothic aesthetics, elevating the project's dark sound to new heights. This foray into a more electronic soundscape imparts a cutting-edge vitality to the sound of Velatine, revitalizing and sharpening its sonic identity. 

Velatine's development through the beginning of these one-off collaborations proves a success, allowing the project to organically unfold in a compelling, invigorated manner.

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