MX LONELY: Papercuts

Brooklyn-based MX LONELY unveil their latest track, Papercuts, the second single from their impending SALT EP. This dynamic and emotive track blends grunge and shoegaze influences in a natural manner, offering an overall enchanting sound. 

Papercuts is paired with a very creative video featuring VHS aesthetics and indie horror undertones.

Singer and synth player Rae Haas comments: “Papercuts is a pretty literal song. Rae had a horrible dream that someone close to them had this papercut and it just wouldn’t stop bleeding and there was nothing they could do but kill them to take away the pain. The song structure reflects the structure of the dream. One moment you're seeing “your body from the outside in” stabbing your friend to death and the next you're speeding out of control down your hometown highways.

Marking a departure from the group's earlier sound, SPIT, introduces an interesting contrast with its fusion of nineties grunge guitar work and intense shoegaze elements, as MX LONELY aim to deliver a gripping evolution in their upcoming EP.

Band photo by Juliette Boulay

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