Lilac Angel: Matte Black Batman

Lilac Angel, a Phoenix-based three-piece group, creates a pretty notable fusion of post punk, noise rock, and art rock sounds. The band's name was inspired by a minimalist track from the krautrock greats, NEU! 

Lilac Angel's debut EP emerged in early 2023, marking a solid first release, while their latest offering, I Try Human, is a five-song EP which exemplifies Lilac Angel's DIY approach and skillful mix of different styles, showcasing both their compositional ability, and the gritty, raw intensity of their sound.

Part of the new EP, Matte Black Batman, is a compelling piece which explores the struggle to assimilate into societal standards, coming by way of a stream-of-consciousness narrative. The narrator's realization of their inability to conform leads to an existential crisis, as the band's exploration and gripping unconventionality in the entire EP underscore their artistic depth.

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