Ecology: HomeStones: Mothername

Ecology: HomeStones emerged in an enigmatic manner on social media in 2020, showcasing intriguing short video clips which unfolded a bizarre and fascinating body-horror narrative, reminiscent of the artistic styles found in works by Matthew Barney or David Lynch. The creative force behind this  project is Dylan Pecora, an artist from Philadelphia, acclaimed for music videos for Merzbow and contributing puppets and props to Saturday Night Live.

Ecology: HomeStones presents art which is not easy to pinpoint precisely, relying on surreal imagery and an ambient noise sound with an industrial edge. The visuals and the industrial / noise compositions come together to exude an unsettling tone, and reflect an overall experimental mindset. 

Mothername is a substantially weighty piece, and a fitting representation of the project's peculiar style and forward-thinking artistic intent.

The self-titled album of the project is available through Sleeping Giant Glossolalia.

Ecology: HomeStones Bandcamp | Spotify | Instagram

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