Ov Pain: On Evil Hour

On Evil Hour stands as the second release from the upcoming album, Reliquary of Dusk, by experimental darkwave duo, Ov Pain, from Dunedin/Melbourne, consisting of Tim Player and Renee Barrance. The album is scheduled for release on December 8th, 2023, via It Records.

The new song focuses on the theme of the Western society's decline and humanity's ambitious yet misguided pursuits in the name of progress.

The music itself is characterized by transcendental droning synthesizers which create a melancholic and unearthly dreamscape, bringing in elements from dark electronica and neofolk. Renee Barrance juxtaposes her arresting vocal with distinctive organ-like chords, and the piece's overall minimalist approach reveals the psychedelic nature of long droning notes, showcasing a melodic complexity.

Tim Player handles the rhythm section, and introduces a palpable density to the mix. His contribution includes intense white noise hits sourced from a variety of sampled materials. The intentional negative space within the meticulously crafted drum patterns exposes impressions of digital elements, creating an implosive and multiplying effect.

A foreboding and mesmerizing preview of the forthcoming full album, On Evil Hour, defies conventional limits, much in line with Ov Pain's customary approach to pushing boundaries.

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