Kraków Loves Adana: Nothing's Set In Stone

Renowned artist and producer Deniz Çiçek, also known as Kraków Loves Adana, has announced the unexpected launch of the latest EP, Nothing's Set In Stone, set to be self-released on December 1st, 2023.

Having faced health challenges affecting her hands and arms, Çiçek took a mandatory hiatus from playing the guitar for six months. Making good use of this break, the musician went through her extensive catalog, and the music prepared for two upcoming albums, and unearthed three tracks which now compose the new Nothing's Set In Stone EP.

The three new songs represent a return to Çiçek's musical roots, and have been crafted on the acoustic guitar. As usual with KLA's songwriting, the result is steeped in wistful lyricism and melancholic tones which bring forward an impulsive sense of restrained optimism. 

Coinciding with the new music, Deniz Çiçek has also unveiled the music video for the title track, entirely shot and edited by the artist herself.

Artist photo courtesy of Kraków Loves Adana

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