Close In: Wellbeing

Close In's upcoming album, set to release on November 24th, 2023, is aptly titled Wellbeing, serving as a poignant reflection of lyricist James Nicklen's personal journey. Initially conceived as a cutting play on words, the album's eponymous track evolved into a sincere and significant exploration of growth. 

Wellbeing - the albumencapsulates its writer's evolution, presenting a set of tracks which delineate the process of contesting despair and embracing life one moment at a time. Infused with sincere lyrics and emotionally charged vocal delivery, the title track sets the tone for the profound emotional depth anticipated throughout the entire album.

Recorded over four days in November 2022 at Head Gap with producer Rohan Sforcina, the album's ten songs were later finalized with vocals in January 2023. Bassist Dane Blake took charge of the mixing process over the following months.

Photo by Natalie Jones

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