Brain Cave: Midnight Push

Cleveland, Ohio's Brain Cave defy genre boundaries with a dynamic style which finely weaves punk, hardcore, and stoner rock influences. Their raw and emotionally charged sound, reminiscent of nineties post hardcore, has set them apart thus far. 

The band's upcoming album, Foot Off the Gas, set to release early next year on Head2Wall Records and The Ghost is Clear Records, and is introduced with the lead track, Midnight Push, which naturally serves as a sonic embodiment of Brain Cave's multifaceted approach. 

Demonstrating a blend of elements which define their overall sound, the new song seems to work like a testament to the band's versatility. Characterized by intense performances and a palpable heaviness, Brain Cave generate a distinctive atmosphere of anxiety and relentless energy. With Midnight Push, the band makes a forceful return, delivering an unapologetically resolute sound.

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