Soft Science: Grip

California-based band, Soft Science, hailing from the Sacramento Valley, bridges the gap between two distinct eras, the sixties and the nineties, on their fourth album, Lines, released in September 2023. Grip, the fourth single from the record, is a testament to their satisfying blend of sounds.

Soft Science fuses the melodic charm and pop sensibilities of the sixties with the ethereal, textured soundscapes of nineties shoegaze. Their songs, although straightforward enough, show an amalgamating quality which transcends time, forming a sound which is simultaneously nostalgic and fresh.

Offering a dreamlike trip through lush melodies and evocative lyrics, Grip exhibits the steadfastness, as well as the evolution and maturity of Soft Science.

The album is out on Shelflife Records (USA), Spinout Nuggets (UK), and Fastcut Records (Japan).

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