Magdalene: Agar (Last Drop Left)

Portland, Oregon-based Magdalene, a band forged in 2020, has spawned a devoted following through their ungodly fusion of blackened post hardcore sounds, screams and mournful dirges. Their impending release, The Dying Process, slated for October 31st, 2023, is promising to give insight into a dark world of despair, showcasing the band's audacious and annihilating sound.

Comprising Ryan "Yule" Iulg on guitar and vocals, Evelyn Holland on bass and vocals, and David Brownett on drums, the trio orchestrates a trinity of torment. Agar (Last Drop Left), the lead single from the album, sets the stage for the band's ritual, and becomes a rather colossal offering, immersing in a deluge of eerie melodies, piercing cries, and intricate rhythms. It's a track which blurs the boundaries of extreme and heavy genres, offering a fearless exploration of the band's artistry.

The Dying Process is gearing up to be a harrowing yet dazzling full length journey, cementing Magdalene's status as a harbinger of darkness in the underground post hardcore / post everything realm.

Modern Grievance

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