In Covert: Dead Weight

The latest release by up and coming genre fusing act, In Covert, is Dead Weight, which marks the sixth single on their way to crafting their debut album. Coming from urban Los Angeles, In Covert delivers a unique blend of dynamic sounds which delve into sci-fi and horror themes, bringing forward a fusion of gothic-tinged punk, doom metal, shoegaze, and industrial influences.

Originating in 2019 as a solo project by the versatile musician Wes Lopez, In Covert has since evolved into a full-fledged band, and found its core lineup in late 2022 with the addition of Oscar Ruvalcaba (The Warlocks, All Your Sisters, La Ghost, Flaamingos) on drums, and it was completed in January 2023 with Kris Balocca (Phaeic, Urns & Argyles) on bass and vocals. 

Wes Lopez describes: "This current batch of songs reflect a dark and confusing time in my life, during the pandemic, due to my depression and thinking our impending doom as a society with the AI and biotech on our horizon. I wanted my music to sound heavy, like the pain I was feeling. I think many people would relate to that. In an effort to lift my spirits, I painted a mural of a scene of a lush forest with a night sky of stars and moons. On adjacent walls, I painted different colors such as Orange. In addition, I have my blacklights and other color lights. Once I had the vibe of my room, I was inspired to create very experimental sounds with my cassette tape loops. These sounds instantly created an ominous and scary atmosphere like those depicted in a horror film. Then, I started to create songs on top of the loops. I was very inspired by watching, X-Files, Creepshow, Twin Peaks, Dawn of the Dead, Pet Semetary, Darkness, Terminator, Alien, John Carpenter, Stephen King and Argento films …etc. Emerging out of the pandemic, I released a couple songs and played a few shows as a 2 piece with drum machine. Eventually, Hexx (previous singer) and I went our own ways and I decided to bring in my old drummer (Oscar Ruvalcaba), who I used to play with in various previous bands in the years prior. We started working on the songs and recorded a few with Chris King from Moon Palace Productions in January 2023. Then, I recruited (Kris Balocca) into the band as the new Vocalist/ Bassist and now we are a 3 piece. We are just starting to gel-together and we're currently recording new stuff together for the future debut record."

Dead Weight encapsulates In Covert's energy and raw emotion, setting the stage for their anticipated album.

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