House of Harm: Roseglass

Dark synthpop / post punk band House of Harm have announced the forthcoming release of their new album Playground, out December 1st, 2023, and revealed the engaging new single and accompanying music video, Roseglass.

Unlike their previous music videos, which were all recorded in private settings, the video for the song was filmed at a public marketplace in southeastern Massachusetts, marking a departure from the band's usual approach. The band found the process of filming the video uncomfortable due to the scrutiny from passersby, which added an element of exhibitionism to the theme they were exploring.

We wanted to show the audience what it would feel like for us to jump out of our usual skin and try to unsettle ourselves publicly to lay the groundwork for what lies ahead on this album.

Lead singer Michael Rocheford comments on the song's theme: “Roseglass is about the human cycle of putting yourself into situations where you feel like you’re an intruder for the sake of a better outcome later.” 

Roseglass is a deeply heartfelt and finely crafted song, showcasing a great deal of potential for the entirety of the Playground full length.

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