D.R.L.N.: Power Static

D.R.L.N. (Doppler Radar and the Local News) is an hard hitting punk band coming from Indianapolis, Indiana. Their recent album, Broadcasting, unleashes a powerful sound and showcases their strong songwriting, while the lead single, Power Static, is a standout which exemplifies the group's ferocious noise rock sound with hardcore undertones.

Power Static thrives on chaotic, noisy breaks paired with a direct vocal delivery which incorporates an artful yet punchy spoken-word approach. The band creates an unapologetic piece of work which taps into the universal theme of striving for everything and ultimately coming up empty-handed.

D.R.L.N. is gearing up to release a fresh EP. Their music is firmly rooted in the unbridled energy of punk and noise rock, and their most recent material is undeniably impressive.

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