D//E Premiere: Self-Deprecator: Punk

Punk, the second single from Seattle's Self-Deprecator, offers a visceral glimpse into the band's forthcoming album, Fruit Of Our Labor. The new track showcases the band's firm energy and their fantastic fusion of post hardcore, metalcore, and more experimental elements.

With a belligerent lyrical approach, the song dives headfirst into a uproar of hard hitting riffs and a frenetic performance which engages both the vocal and instrumental fronts. The immediate intensity of the track aptly justifies its straightforward title.

Self-Deprecator indulge in mathy rhythms and all around punchy sounds which intermingle with an unrelenting vigor, and their mixture of technique and raw emotion results in a downpour of fiery sentiments and a gripping dynamism that propels the song forward.

Fruit Of Our Labor is set to be released via Modern Grievance Records on November 3rd, 2023. 

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