D//E Premiere: Ov Pain: Silver Gate

Ov Pain, the dark and enigmatic musical collaboration between Renée Barrance of Élan Vital and Tim Player of Opposite Sex, emerged from Dunedin, Aotearoa, New Zealand in 2016. Their music embodies a unique blend of brooding atmospheres which have garnered attention through their series of experimental releases thus far.

The duo's forthcoming album, Reliquary of Dusk, marks their fourth full length, and their second under the IT Records banner. This new offering extends the distinctive minimalist rhythmic soundscapes previously explored in their 2022 release, Kauri Island, weaving fresh and vibrant hues into the dreamy and thought provoking sound of Ov Pain.

In Silver Gate, Renée Barrance conjures an delicate chant of doom, with haunting vocals hovering over a slowly evolving synthesizer drone which gradually gives way to a moody trip hop groove, making the track a truly genre mixing endeavor. Enticing vocally and beautiful on the instrumental front, the track peaks on a mesmerizing wall of synthesized organ, showcasing Ov Pain's ability to meld diverse musical elements into a hypnotic, melancholic soundscape.

Band photo by Josh Watson

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