This is a mixtape which serves as a complement to our curated list, Slow To The Core // Essential Slowcore Albums From The Nineties. It includes songs from all the albums featured in that list, as well as additional tracks from the slowcore genre of both that era and more recent releases.

Slowcore deserves recognition for its elegant and profound qualities. While its depth goes far beyond what can be encapsulated in a mere 30-song playlist, this selection can be a starting point to appreciate the music's beauty and significance.

Duster - Constellations
Low - Fear
Codeine - New Year's
Galaxie 500 - Summertime
Idaho - Let's Cheat Death
Bedhead - Bedside Table
Red House Painters - Medicine Bottle
Smog - Spread Your Bloody Wings
Karate - Gasoline
Acetone - Germs
Tarnation - Two Wrongs Won't Make Things Right
Mojave 3 - Tomorrow's Taken
Piano Magic - Dark Secrets Look for Light
Songs: Ohia - Lioness
The For Carnation - Moonbeams
Spain - Noboody Has to Know
Yo La Tengo - Our Way to Fall
Giant Sand - Red Right Hand
Heidi Berry - The Moon and the Sun
Carissa's Wierd - Heather Rhodes
Sun Kil Moon - Carry Me Ohio
Vic Chesnutt - Coward
Palace Music - The Brute Choir
Have A Nice Life - I Don't Love
Grouper - Living Room
Horse Jumper of Love - Ugly Brunette
Early Day Miners - Offshore
Mazzy Star - Rose Blood
Papa M - Over Jordan
Hum - Songs Of Farewell And Departure

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