Chrome Waves: Father, I Wait

Acclaimed post metal outfit, Chrome Waves, has unveiled their latest offering, the standalone single, Father, I Wait. The band boldly explores the darker realms of their genre spectrum, diving deep into the abyss of black metal influences.

The new song also finds Chrome Waves focusing on the gothic aspect of their sound, with undertones deriving from the dark eighties, while consistently maintaining a fresh, punchy and contemporary edge which is uniquely their own. Father, I Wait is an eight-minute opus marked by its ever-evolving composition and a palpable sense of foreboding.

The song's transformation throughout its duration makes for an overall gritty atmosphere, producing a haunting and dense sonic landscape. Chrome Waves' musical versatility shines across their expansive sound range, and their latest track effortlessly and masterfully ventures to the furthest reaches of this musical amplitude.

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