Beige Palace: Distant Fizz

Leeds-based band Beige Palace, consisting of members from well-known local groups Thank and Cattle, has just released their latest single, Distant Fizz, from their new album, Making Sounds For Andy

The album features Freddy Vinehill-Cliffe (Thank), Kelly Bishop (This Is How I Win), and Ant Bedford (Magnapinna). It marks the band's second full length, and makes clear that the band has taken a more direct approach compared to their previous work, Leg, with shorter songs, more traditional verse and chorus structures, and more straightforward 'rock' riffs.

Distant Fizz is a lively and eccentric track brimming with post punk energy, showcasing the band's creative and expressive style. The song is accompanied by a live performance video recorded at Hohm Studio.

Freddy Vinehill-Cliffe describes: "Earlier this year we spent a day at Hohm Recording in Bradford with our friends Tom Goodall, Ross Halden and Kirsty Garland. It's an especially sentimental space for me personally, because I recorded a whole bunch of demos with my teenage band down there back when it was known as Factory Street Studios. You might have already seen the first cut from this video session, Waterloo Sublet. Now here's number two! Distant Fizz, probably my favourite song from the new album."

10% of the sales proceeds from the album will be donated to PAFRAS, a charity supporting destitute asylum seekers in the Leeds area.

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