Yama Uba: Shatter (Cult of Alia Remix)

Yama Uba have fully embraced the more danceable and driving aspect of their sound in their latest offering, Shatter (Cult of Alia Remix), a track which clearly and readily incorporates elements of dance pop, EDM, and cyberpunk.

A project helmed by Akiko Sampson (vocals, bass, synth, programming) and Winter Zora (vocals, guitar and saxophone), Yama Una are deeply rooted in modern darkwave. Their most recent reveal bursts with lively dark synth melodies and vibrant synthpop, set against a backdrop of industrial-style vocals.

Shatter (Cult of Alia Remix) is a celebration of personal growth and self-reflection in the midst of societal challenges, and its energy remains unrelenting from start to finish.

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