X Marks the Goth // A Compilation by Destroy//Exist

X marks the appeal of the unknown, the dark and the enigmatic, while it also underlines the milestone of a decade-long journey. Darkwave often explores themes of transformation, inner turmoil, and the flow of time. With our website commemorating a decade of its existence, X Marks the Goth denotes a juncture of growth and evolution within the dark music world; a community which holds immense significance for D//E.

X is for ten, and X is for impact, and X is for those who feel crossed out of this world; the disenchanted, the crestfallen, and the dark souls.

The fifteen bands included in D//E's new compilation aptly capture the essence of haunting beauty, and they are a big part of the present and the future of what we starkly refer to as Darkwave.

X Marks the Goth is the most condensed compilation we have released thus far, and it's this very aspect that lends it a heightened coherence, ultimately becoming the one the makes the most sense. Its flow is as effortless as that of a black cloud overseeing a barren, beautiful landscape. We are immensely proud of it.

Stace Z. Rust


1. Violet Silhouette - Strange Wind
2. Now After Nothing - Sick Fix
3. Rare Kreature - In Fear
4. Bestial Mouths - LostIN (Mother Juno Remix)
5. Renonce - Avec Violence
6. Child of Night - Overcame
7. Iron Years - Menageries
8. NIGHTSISTER - Selfish Love
9. past self - slow death and exposition (demo)
10. Gillian Dream - Borderline
11. Vague Lanes - Exocoetus
12. Antipole - Everything (demo)
13. Pulsations - Neglected Synapses (Acoustic Version)
14. Her Heart - His Heritage
15. Vazum - Living Great

Artwork by Rouble Rust - Created exclusively for this compilation.

What is Destroy Decade?
A series of special posts, Destroy Decade is created in collaboration with a group of amazing musicians and record labels. It serves as a virtual celebration of Destroy//Exist being ten years online and is composed of new digital compilations, live performance clips, full live sets, creative visuals and more.

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