Wax Heart Sodality: Lick Skin / Taste Win

Lick Skin / Taste Win is the last single to be taken from the self-titled debut EP by the enigmatic and gritty dark rock band, Wax Heart Sodality. The track is a driving gothic/post punk track for which the band cites inspiration from Bauhaus, The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster and Joy Division. 

Based on a memorable chorus, edgy guitar riffs, and powerful rhythms, the new song has a very intriguing concept, created in response to numerous recent studies highlighting the prevalence of a specific social segment in music and the arts. 

Realized from the viewpoint of those who are situated beneath the metaphorical glass ceiling upon which successful people stand, Lick Skin / Taste Win appeals for a chance to experience accomplishment, which often feels unattainable for those coming from less advantaged backgrounds.

In just three minutes, the song effectively conveys a potent blend of anger and sophistication, all wrapped in a somber tone, while maintaining a classic rock sensibility.

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