The Exit Bags: At Least I Know Now

The Exit Bags, a project by underground artist Mike James, presents a distinctive sonic landscape drawing from elements of slowcore, noise, shoegaze, and folk influences. Through the music, The Exit Bags dives into various profound themes, including uncertainty, grief, existential contemplation, unease, while on occasion, glimpses of optimism shine through.

At Least I Know Now is a brooding track, part of the new album, Our Sun Will Clean its Holy Wounds, out through Drongo Tapes / Joyless Youth Home Recordings.

By finely incorporating influences reminiscent of artists such as Have a Nice Life, Grouper, Mount Eerie, and Midwife—sources of inspiration acknowledged by The Exit Bags—the highlight track off the new album seamlessly fuses elements of slowcore and ambient genres in an experimental and rather appealing manner.

"The song is simply about coming to realizations of being terrified of mortality, but gradually being forced to accept it," The Exit Bags comments.

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