Berlin-based enigmatic indie pop group, Hope, has just unveiled their latest single, NAVEL, which serves as the title track for their forthcoming album set to release on October 27th, 2023. 

NAVEL is a moody and all around fascinating song which kicks off with an intense, almost foreboding blend of percussion and synths, aiming to express the complexities of a painful relationship. While still retaining echoes of the group's edgier post punk origins, NAVEL takes a more atmospheric approach, showing a fresh direction for Hope who skillfully utilize their inspiration from timeless acts like Massive Attack, Billie Holiday, and Joy Division alike. It's a piece which offers a glimpse into the album's evolved and deeply vulnerable sound.

Lead vocalist Christine Börsch-Supan shares insight into the track: “It’s about disentangling attachments and finally moving on. The space that is then, all of a sudden, free.” This reflects a profound personal growth for Christine and finds the anger and aggression which once fueled Hope's music having given way to a sense of tranquility. NAVEL narrates a story of healing and renewal.

Having previously shared the stage with notable acts like IDLES, Algiers, and Madrugada, Hope are on a consistently rising path, having earned recognition from Beth Gibbons of Portishead, collaborated with Bauhaus, and, most recently, were handpicked by Depeche Mode to support their European tour.

Band photo by Joe Dilworth

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