Glass Chapel: Where Roses Go (Draining Kiss Remix)

Draining Kiss, a darkwave/synth endeavor led by solo artist Quinn Martin from Gainesville, Florida, collaborates with Glass Chapel, a band based in Jacksonville, Florida, under the leadership of Jake Phillips, known for their fusion of synthpop and distorted guitars in their post punk sound. The result of their collaboration is found in the fresh version of Glass Chapel's track, Where Roses Go, finely remixed by Draining Kiss.

The new remix takes the moody and melancholic properties of the original track and processes them through a filter of icy introspection and an ethereal, dense aura, transforming the song into a darkwave club anthem filled with prominent synths which are destined for the dark dance floor.

This song pays tribute to the thriving dark alternative scene in North Florida, serving as evidence of how the darkwave genre is currently flourishing and pulsating with energy in many locations.

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