Dreamwheel: Redeemer

Dreamwheel, the Austria/France-based duo of Julia Gaeta and Evan Linger, have unveiled their latest single, Redeemer, which is a preview of their upcoming EP with the same title. The EP is set to be released on November 10th, 2023, through Nefarious Industries.

Creating parallels to the timeless dreampop style of Cocteau Twins, the band puts their own unique spin on the style by blending classic shoegaze with contemporary post punk factors. Their music carries a strong sense of nostalgia and an ethereal dreamlike quality, as exemplified in Redeemer, a track which explores themes of coming of age and self-realization.

The accompanying psychedelic video for Redeemer was created by Nyle Rosenbaum, enhancing the overall visual and auditory impact of Dreamwheel's new material.

Dreamwheel Bandcamp | Spotify | Instagram

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