Destroy Decade // Renonce - Avec violence (Live at Ritz P.D.B., Montreal)

With a powerhouse of a debut album already released and having made a strong impact, Renonce has burst onto the underground darkwave and post punk scene, solidifying their status as a fresh force for the genre.

Ombre, the album itself is nothing short of exceptional, while Renonce's live performances are equally impressive, proving that they have the skill to deliver an electrifying show on stage, spotlighting a presence which is definitely eminent.

One particular highlight from the new album is Avec violence, a track which stands out for its brooding energy and impact, and is also part of D//E recent dark compilation, X Marks the Goth.

A series of special posts, Destroy Decade is created in collaboration with a group of amazing musicians and record labels. It serves as a virtual celebration of Destroy//Exist being ten years online and is composed of new digital compilations, live performance clips, full live sets, creative visuals and more.

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