Axioma: Primal Descent

Emerging from the shadows like sonic nihilistic pioneers, Axioma, featuring former members of Morgue (FR), Keelhaul, and Brain Tentacles, deliver Primal Descent as the first offering from their upcoming EP. The band's new music follows their album, Sepsis, from 2022.

Coming from the gritty heart of Cleveland, Axioma are a darkly existential metal group, bringing forward a brooding and hard hitting sound reminiscent of Neurosis, Gorguts, and Tombs. Axioma's foreboding musicianship manifests an ominously weighty and indelibly memorable soundscape, seamlessly blending the fields of dark doom and metal.

Primal Descent presents a rather nightmarish sonic profile, with the band's performance delivering an absolutely edgy and impactful assault.

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