A.A. Williams: Without You I'm Nothing

A.A. Williams has already been known for having an exceptional knack for covering songs. The artist has unveiled a powerful rendition of Placebo's classic, Without You I'm Nothing. The song is paired to an evocative video directed by Fraser West.

Williams comments: “When I first discovered Placebo as a teen, I felt as if I’d found a world just for me. Barely a day went by without their songs in my headphones, their explorations of angst, frustration and alienation speaking to me like nothing I’d heard before… Simultaneously brand new and familiar, I felt that I’d been understood for the first time, all the while being fed with musical styles I wasn’t familiar with – glam, goth, electro and punk were all introduced to me through Placebo’s melancholy lens… I’ve dreamed of covering a Placebo song for years. I think it always had to be Without You I’m Nothing, a song of longing and loss that for me will always feel current and relevant, as someone who always felt that human connection was the key to happiness – and as an outsider looking in, as someone uncomfortable in their own skin.

A.A. Williams' Without You I'm Nothing is out through Bella Union.

Photo by Thomas Williams

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