Verstärker: Ankunft

Having recently joined the Fuzz Club roster, Verstärker, a three-piece instrumental group, has just announced their upcoming second album, Jenseits, along with the release of the full length's lead single and its accompanying video, Ankunft

Drawing inspiration from krautrock, post punk, no wave, and drone, Verstärker bring together their artistic vision in a harmonious pursuit of forward-thinking experimentation and motorik-infused space exploration.

Guitarist J. Vitatoe comments on the new song: “Ankunft, or Arrival, is the announcement of a new era dawning — a rebirth. Both for the band and, metaphorically, for society. The song begins with a solitary pulse — an electronic heartbeat symbolizing the still beating heart of humanity. As the song builds, the chaos of feedback and fuzz give way to the propulsive beat and driving melody that carries you towards the future and beyond. As the track resolves, it fades away to that single pulse. The beat goes on.

On the entire album, Vitatoe adds: “Jenseits as a preposition means ‘beyond’ or ‘on the other side of’, and, as a noun, it means ‘the hereafter” or ‘the next world.’ This dual meaning is the concept that permeates the record. The motorik beat has always been about pushing towards the horizon, the sense of perpetual forward momentum. But eventually, you reach the breaking point and push through to the other side — going beyond the horizon. This is where we were trying to go sonically with this record — beyond.” 

The album is scheduled for release on October 27th, 2023.

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