The Red Stains: Mannequin

The Red Stains make a very nice comeback with their new single, Mannequin, featured in their upcoming debut EP, Thank you for shopping with us. The new track expresses the dynamic and compelling energy for which the band is known during their live performances.

Mannequin tackles the theme of objectification and the societal pressures which women face. It focuses on how from the moment of birth, societal norms dictate that women should conform to being passive and compliant. These expectations persist into adulthood, where the patriarchy evaluates a woman's value based on her physical appearance and appeal, prolonging the notion that men can exploit and discard women at will.

Musically, Mannequin brims with the invigorating and forceful spirit of post punk and new wave, resulting in a hard hitting and engrossing sound.

The Red Stains are Talie Emslie on vocals, Sterling Rose Kelly on bass, Grace Allport on guitar and Robyn Elliott on drums.

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