Slowdive: alife

As is customary with each of their album launches, the upcoming full length release from Slowdive is anticipated to stand out as a prominent event of the year in the world of shoegaze. everything is alive has already provided a series of impressive tracks, and the most recent single, alife, unquestionably ranks among the strongest of the band's new material.

Neil Halstead comments: “alife is one of the first tunes we finished for the record. Shawn Everett did a really nice job with the mix. We tried so many times to figure out a good mix by ourselves and couldn’t do it . . . it sort of had us beaten until Shawn stepped in. We decided if he could handle that one he could probably do the whole record. Our friend Jake Nelson did a really nice animation for this song; it takes some of the imagery from the artwork and digs a little deeper into that.

everything is alive will be out on September 1st, 2023 via Dead Oceans.

Band photo by Ingrid Pop


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