Ocoeur: L'éveil

Bordeaux-based composer Franck Zaragoza, has announced the upcoming eighth album, Nouveau Départ, under his electronic persona known as Ocoeur. Zaragoza's prior Ocoeur albums have centered around exploring meditation and contemplation, and Nouveau Départ follows the path initiated by Connection, released in 2021.

During the recent years, Zaragoza got on an innate journey, deliberately concentrating on his bond with the world, and holds the belief that true happiness can be achieved in the present rather than being momentarily touchable in the future.

Zaragoza comments: "We can all transform our emotions from anger and sadness to happiness and compassion. Such a transformation in thought can profoundly affect the people around us. Nouveau Départ was composed in the spirit of love, empathy, and deep understanding.

L'éveil stands out as a tranquil and exquisite track from Nouveau Départ, embodying the mindfulness and compassionate reflection which define the essence of the new album. 

Nouveau Départ is set to be released on October 6th, 2023 through n5md.

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