D//E Premiere: Routine Death: Look At The Glory Of Man

Lo-fi dreampop act, Routine Death, prepare to unveil their impending album, Comrade, which comes out on September 1st, 2023 through Fuzz Club. Look At The Glory Of Man and its accompanying video become the last reveal before the entire album's release.

Having recorded their previous works remotely, husband-and-wife duo Lisa and Dustin Zozaya are are now based in Gothenburg, and they are commencing on a new and exciting phase for Routine Death with Comrade.

Dustin explains: “The original purpose of the project was to give me and Lisa something to do together while we live on opposite sides of the Atlantic. Because we recorded alone, in our respective bedrooms, the songs became an intimate detailing of our time living apart. After I moved to Sweden and our lives came together, there was really no need for the project to continue in the same way.

When we found out we were going to have a kid, I started referring to the baby as ‘the comrade’, and this nickname sparked the rethinking of Routine Death. It was time to start collaborating with other musicians and going deeper into different approaches to music, like sampling and using field recordings taken from around Gothenburg. This LP was still recorded DIY in intimate settings, but there are contributions and collaborations with other musicians and friends, including the comrade.”  

Look At The Glory Of Man is an experimental, otherworldly ambient composition which showcases part of Routine Death's cinematic expression, as well as their all around dark and unconventional direction.

Dustin comments on the new single: "On Mount Athos, an island monastery outside of Greece, there's a tradition of collecting the bones of passed brothers as a constant reminder of mortality. Inscribed on one of the skulls was the phrase 'Brother, look at the glory of man.' That was the inspiration for this song. I wanted to capture the contemplative spirit of orthodox monastics, but with a layman's take. The chant in the song is 'Everything you want/nothing you need. Everything you need/nothing you want': the human condition is that your wants and needs are never perfectly aligned, and that's why the grass is always greener somewhere else."

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