The Loud Bangs: Pretty Checked Out

Pretty Checked Out is a previously unreleased track by The Loud Bangs which makes its debut on the compilation album, KISS ME THERE. This song arrives together with a visually strong and well made music video crafted by Jill GG, an avant-garde filmmaker from LA. Thematically, Pretty Checked Out dives into the complexities of long-distance love, portraying the struggle of being separated by distance.

True to their signature style, The Loud Bangs infuse the song with their expansive and mind-bending psychedelic sound, firmly rooted in the foundations of shoegaze. Pretty Checked Out boldly displays the experimental qualities which define the music of The Loud Bangs, sounding exciting throughout. Defying easy categorization, the band consistently delivers compelling compositions, exploring relatable themes with artistic finesse and irresistible allure.

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