Nailed Shut MA: BURGEON

BURGEON is the second song released from Nailed Shut MA's upcoming debut EP. A psychological horror-inspired hardcore act, Nailed Shut MA cites inspiration from bands like Knocked Loose, Vein.FM, Alpha Wolf, Slipknot, and Varials, aiming to capture the essence of fear and loss of control in their music.

Nailed Shut MA vocalist Asher Thomas describes the vision behind the new song, mentioning: “Nothing terrifies me more than the loss of control we find within ourselves.” According to Thomas, BURGEON serves as an sonorous exploration of this fear, delivered through a heavy and aggressive sound. 

The band's intention is to portray the sudden transition from calm to hostility, and  from health to fear-driven paralysis. With its affecting hardcore sound, intense vocals, and a strong foundation of weighty guitars and powerful drumming, BURGEON maintains a lasting impact from beginning to end. The song also benefits from a meticulous and detailed production, further enhancing its overall effectiveness.

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