D//E Premiere: Tan Cologne: Visitation

Tan Cologne, the duo consisting of Lauren Green and Marissa Macias, hailing from Northern New Mexico, have returned with their latest single, Visitation. Remaining true to their alien-themed songwriting, the group draws inspiration from the exceptional legacy of their location.

"This song was inspired by communications with otherworldly beings," the band discloses. "We recorded the instrumentation and developed the lyrical concept through envisioning crossing into unknown dimensions where other beings teach and share through ancient ways."

The track exudes a sense of almost mystical wonder, summarizing the spirit of venturing into the unknown with an open mind, and connecting to ancient knowledge. The dreamy and atmospheric sounds of the band come with a dreampop base, infused with intriguing experimental elements, and effectively convey the essence of Tan Cologne's vision.

Visitation is out on Labrador Records.

Band photo by Audra Knutson

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