Blanco Tranco: Lara

Melbourne, Australia-based band Blanco Tranco release their new single, Lara, the third offering from their forthcoming EP, Get Back to Me When It’s Over. It's a song which leans on the darker aspect of the band's sound, with a strong post punk foundation.

Lara features a poignant vocal delivery, together with solid instrumentals made of big guitars, driving bass and solid drums. The moodier approach pairs finely with the shoegaze and surf pop groundwork of the band's songwriting and overall sound.

Vocalist Tiff comments on the new song: "I wrote the vocals for Lara at the very beginning of lockdown when everything still seemed so up and the air and even kind of exciting. My boyfriend at the time was living in this hellish sharehouse in St Kilda where I was camping out half the time to avoid lock in with my parents. The walls were completely covered in graf and collages and were deeply ingrained with the smell of musty weed, piss and cigarettes. This felt like a huge contrast from what I was used to at home and my relationship with him felt very similar — messy, melodramatic, slightly uncomfortable but new. He left me alone in the house one night with his spooky housemates and hidden in his bedroom these lyrics were born. I think mostly out of this feeling of vulnerability and whether or not I could actually be who I was trying to be for this guy."

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